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101937Re: [evol-psych] Human Nature: normal and natural between-group behaviour

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  • Donald W.
    Feb 1, 2010
      --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Corsini" <sjcarc@...> wrote:

      > A highlight of Australian democracy is compulsory voting - we are not just
      > free to vote, we are forced too.
      > What it comes down to is making your policies and platforms less offensive
      > to more people than the other side, As a consequence politics has evolved to
      > the point where both sides look the same and if the two parties disagree
      > its usually just to be contrary and with fringe groups holding the balance
      > in the centre no real work or policy change can occur.
      > In a system where everyone has to go to a polling place, usually the local
      > school, to have their name crossed off the list of registered voters, about
      > 8% vote informal - unfortunately there is no breakdown as to people who
      > mistakenly cast an invalid vote and people who deliberately cast an invalid
      > vote as a protest against all of the useless money-grubbing self seeking
      > power mad bastards who you cant tell apart.
      > In an election where only 30% of the total eligible voters turn up it is
      > easier for a minority to hold sway, if the majority don't even bother to
      > vote. And if voter turn out is expected to be low it would be much easier
      > for corrupt officials to add a few hundred thousand extra votes.

      Yes, that sounds like a good system. In addition I would like to see something along the lines of "compulsory education sessions." That is, before every election there should be required town meetings where there would be an unbiased explanation of the issues and what the competing candidates would do about them. Not a debate, but a truly unbiased presentation by a neutral observer. That is probably pie in the sky. But if someone objected to the electorate becoming better educated, it would be an indication that people so objecting have their own agenda depending on people's ignorance.

      Young people in the schools should have political education sessions before each election.

      And a fraud-proof system of voting online, by phone, or by mail, might be a good idea.
      Anyone who objects to a greater number of citizens voting surely has an aristocratic bent of mind or an agenda that exculdes many people.

      Best regards,

      Donald W. Zimmerman
      Vancouver, BC, Canada
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