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101935Re: [evol-psych] Human Nature: normal and natural between-group behavior

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  • Donald W.
    Feb 1, 2010
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      --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, Edgar Owen <edgarowen@...> wrote:

      > No there is an essential difference here. US WASP power is directed towards power here in the US in their own country. Much of the Jewish power in the US is soley directed towards the advancement of the interests of a foreign power Israel at the expense of US interests. And the funding of that is taken out of the pockets of the US taxpayer.

      The inhabitants of many Latin American nations would be pleased if WASP power were directly only to concerns within the borders of the USA. The trouble is that "power in their own country" is taken to include markets, economies, and political regimes in regions far and wide. But alliances change, and what is in someone's interests now may be opposed to them later. As the world shrinks with the advance of technology, what happens anywhere increasingly affects everybody everywhere.

      Best regards,

      Donald W. Zimmerman
      Vancouver, BC, Canada
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