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101927Re: [evol-psych] Human Nature: normal and natural between-group behaviour

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  • ED
    Feb 1, 2010
      Not much can be done about what? --ED

      --- In evolutionary-psychology@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Corsini"
      <sjcarc@...> wrote:
      > in a democracy there is not much that can be done about it except at
      > ballot box.
      > A highlight of Australian democracy is compulsory voting - we are not
      > free to vote, we are forced too.
      > What it comes down to is making your policies and platforms less
      > to more people than the other side, As a consequence politics has
      evolved to
      > the point where both sides look the same and if the two parties
      > its usually just to be contrary and with fringe groups holding the
      > in the centre no real work or policy change can occur.
      > In a system where everyone has to go to a polling place, usually the
      > school, to have their name crossed off the list of registered voters,
      > 8% vote informal - unfortunately there is no breakdown as to people
      > mistakenly cast an invalid vote and people who deliberately cast an
      > vote as a protest against all of the useless money-grubbing self
      > power mad bastards who you cant tell apart.
      > In an election where only 30% of the total eligible voters turn up it
      > easier for a minority to hold sway, if the majority don't even bother
      > vote. And if voter turn out is expected to be low it would be much
      > for corrupt officials to add a few hundred thousand extra votes.
      > SJC
      > Pickering Brook

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