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  • fjjwagner
    For those who have not visited VoegelinView this week: Drowned yesterday in a branch of sky -- How does one express the love between father and son? Not
    Message 1 of 18 , Dec 3, 2009
      For those who have not visited VoegelinView this week:

      "Drowned yesterday in a branch of sky"--
      How does one express the love between father and son? Not
      easily. But poetry editor Glenn Hughes has chosen something
      that may come us as close as one might with words, without
      falling into sentimentality. Read our second offering from
      Ernest Sandeen:"Kite umbilicus."

      The Ministry of Love--
      "Political correctness is enforced by the state and assumes
      the agent is not free to alter his behavior through
      persuasion. Political correctness aims to control a self
      that cannot control itself." In Canada today the Human
      Rights Commissions have brought a taste of Orwell's
      futuristic novel of mind control,1984, into everyday life.
      Read John von Heyking's The War on Hate: The Past and Future
      of Political Correctness and Liberty.

      A Theory of Phenomena isn't a Philosophy of Substance--
      "The evolutionary movement has a distinct anti-Christian,
      secularistic flavor through the assumption that the
      interpretation of man as the final link in the chain of
      evolution has a bearing on the understanding of man as a
      spiritual existence" writes Eric Voegelin. Read this week
      Biological Phenomenalism and Charles Darwin.

      Philosophy and "The Time of the Tale"
      This week John von Heyking offers his review of Charles
      Embry's The Philosopher and the Storyteller: Eric Voegelin
      and 20th Century Literature, a consideration of the fruit of
      the friendship between Eric Voegelin and literary critic
      Robert B. Heilman in which Professor Embry examines Graham
      Swift’s Waterland, Heimito von Doderer’s The Demons and
      Flannery O’Connor’s The Violent Bear it Away.

      "We must read a text like a painting"--
      This week Hans-Georg Gadamer explains to us that In the
      tragedy of Oedipus "we realize our own blindness, without
      suffering the same pain of the hero; the catharsis theory of
      Aristotle is much better than the moralistic account or, I
      think, the elucidations by modern scientific advancement
      [such as psychoanalysis]." Read part two of Hermeneutics:
      the Art of Understanding and Interpreting.

      The URL is www.voegelinview.com


      Fritz Wagner
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