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CPSP Exams Schedule 2009

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      No.6-1/Exam-06/CPS/694-B                                                                           August 22, 2008







      The College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan has decided to hold theory examinations of FCPS-I, FCPS-II

      (Major and other subjects), MCPS, Intermediate and Special Modules during the year 2009 as per

      programme given below. TOACS/Clinical examinations shall be held 2-3 weeks after the theory examination.


      FCPS -I

                  January    14, 2009 (Wednesday)

                  June         24, 2009 (Wednesday)

                  October      7, 2009 (Wednesday)


      FCPS-II (Major Subjects)

                  January     14, 2009 (Wednesday)

                  June           24, 2009 (Wednesday)



      FCPS-II (Other Subjects),MCPS,Intermediate and Special Modules

                  March       25, 2009 (Wednesday)

                  September 30, 2009 (Wednesday)



      Please Note that:

                Applicants for FCPS-I examinations must have completed the one year house job at least two months before the date of theory examination


                Applicants for all other examinations must have completed the specified training at least one

                  month before the date of theory examination.


                The FCPS-I and FCPS-II (Major Subjects) examinations shall also be held in Kathmandu ( Nepal ) and Riyadh (KSA) on January 14, and June 24, 2009 . No other examination shall be held outside  Pakistan .



      Dr. Muhammad Sharif

      Acting  Chief Controller Examinations



       "When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others." because every moment of our life is an invaluable opportunity, so He who can live up to his ideal is the king of life; he who cannot live up to it is life's slave.

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