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Invitation: Mastering Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVIVO Software

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    Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD) ** * “Mastering Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVIVO”* *Basics to Advanced
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      Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD) <workshops@...>

       “Mastering Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVIVO”

      Basics to Advanced Level

      NVIVO is a qualitative data analysis (QDA) computer software package produced by QSR International. It has been designed for qualitative researchers working with very rich text-based or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis are required. NVIVO is used pre-dominantly by academic, government, health and commercial researchers across a diverse range of fields. NVIVO is intended to help users organize and analyze non-numerical or unstructured data. The software allows users to classify, sort and arrange information; examine relationships in the data; and combine analysis with linking, shaping, searching and modeling.


      Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD) is organizing an International Research Workshop “Mastering Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVIVO” on 14th & 15th of December, 2012 through High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing. The approach of the workshop is from basics to advanced level and includes a lot of cases and exercises for hands on sessions.


      The researchers from Universities, Institutes, R&D organizations and Social Sector organizations are invited to participate individually or institutional in their own auditorium/office/home from anywhere around the world. The individual participant can participate using a laptop/desktop computer connected through internet. For institutional registration and arrangements, contact us (0092322-4309974) or workshops@....

      Course Outline:






      ·         Ice breaking, Objectives, Norms and Preparation for Learning

      ·         Installing the software and starting a new project


      Introducing NVIVO and setting up a project

      • Introducing NViVO’s workspace

      • Creating and navigating around a project


      Importing and Coding Documents

      • Importing documents including PDFs

      • Creating memos and annotations

      • Introducing ‘nodes’ to collect data to support the themes

      • Working with node folders


      Working with your themes and ideas and shaping your findings

      • Viewing your emerging themes, topics or ideas and their content

      • Understanding how and where content is being assigned and fine tuning this

      • Moving, merging and aggregating your themes, topics or ideas


      Importing and coding additional sources of information

      • Importing image and media sources

      • Importing data sets and web data

      • Using text analysis tools including word frequency and text search queries

      • Storing and exporting your results

      Day-2: Further Analysis in NVIVO


      Classifying and Categorizing Data

      • Importing “classifying” or categorical data such as demographic items

      • Associating classifying data with your text, PDF, data set, image or media sources


      Grouping your data: collections and links

      • Organizing your data into ‘sets’ and search folders

      • Finding items in your project quickly and easily

      • Creating other types of links in your data


      Exploring your data

      • Running coding based queries including coding, matrix coding, and group queries

      • Saving queries and storing your results


      Models and relationships

      • Building and working with models as a way to display ideas

      • Creating and showing relationships in your data


      Visualizing your data

      • Creating two and three dimensional charts to illustrate findings

      • Presenting query results as ‘tree maps’ and ‘word trees’ to show patterns in your data


      Reporting and presenting your findings

      • Creating standard and custom reports and extracts


      Resource Persons:



      Dr. Una Molyneux


      Middlesex University, UK

      MSc, Statistics and Research Methods

      University of Surrey, UK

      Expert of Qualitative/Quantitative Data Analysis Using SPSS and NVIVO


      Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)


      Kashmala Adnan

      Conducted USAID Projects

      United Nations World Food Program


      Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVIVO


      Research Center for Training & Development


      Nadeem Iqbal

      Expert of Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVIVO


      Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)





      Date:  14th & 15th of December, 2012 (Friday-Saturday)

      Time:  9:00am-5:00pm 

      Investment:   Rs. 3000/participant

      Institutional Participation:   Rs. 40,000 (up to 40 participants)

      International Participant:     US$ 200


      Note: The Universities/Institutes are requested to organize this International level workshop in their own computer lab/auditorium. The Host institute does not require any conferencing facility, the HD conferencing facility will be provided by RCTD. For Institutional participation arrangements contact us. (0092322-4309974) or workshops@...

      Online Registration:



       Registration details for national participant


      http://tinyurl.com/rctd-workshop  or Visit: www.rctd.org (current workshop)


      Registration details for international participant


      http://tinyurl.com/rctd-research  or Visit: www.rctd.org (current workshop)


      The participant will also get

      ·         Resource Material (soft copy through email)

      ·         Certificate of Participation (through courier)

      ·         Cd of the software and workshop recordings (through courier) 


      How to participate?



      The registered participant will receive a confirmatory email from RCTD. The email will have workshop join link. The participant will click the join link on the day of workshop, the setup will complete in 2-3 minutes and participant will be connected with live HD Video Conferencing of the workshop.


      ·         Desktop computer/Laptop P4 or latest

      ·         Windows XP/ Vista/Windows 7/Mac

      ·         Internet connectivity

      ·         A set of Headphone & Mic (connect to your computer)


      Who Should Attend?



      • Faculty members
      • Research Scholars (MPhil/PhD)
      • Research Associates
      • Researchers of Medical Sciences
      • Researchers of R&D Organizations
      • Researchers of Social Sector Organizations  

      Contact Us:




      Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)

      Cell: 0092322-4309974

      Email: workshops@...


      Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)

      217-J 1 (Near J 1 Market) Wapda Town, Lahore

      Cell: 0092322-4309974 Ph +92 42 35184451 Fax: 92 42 35184451

      workshops@..., ateeq.rctd@...m 

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