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Book: Telemedicine - An Introduction

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  • Deven Patel
    From: Deven Patel deven@medisofttelemedicine.com I am glad to inform you that Telemedicine - An Introduction Book written by me and co-author Dr. Sanjeev
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2012

      From: Deven Patel deven@...

      I am glad to inform you that "Telemedicine - An Introduction" Book written by me and co-author Dr. Sanjeev Mehta is published and available in market. [$64 USD]

      The book is journey for us. 3 years back, we wrote this book on request for our client. That organisation uses our telemedicine application to teach "Telemedicine" to nursing student in India. They have requested us to write content in book format to enable them to teach their students. The final version is improvised one from earlier one.

      This book provides practical idea for telemedicine; it help to know basic of telemedicine system and immense help who are planning telemedicine system for their hospital or self. The book is also very useful for education institutes who teaches any type of "telemedicine" subject.


      Devendra Patel
      Chairman and Managing Director
      Medisoft Telemedicine Pvt. Ltd.
      www.medisofttelemedicine.com / www.ehealthopinion.com / www.themeditour.com



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