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APPNA Hepatitis C Initiative

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    From: Maqbool Arshad Dear All :                   APPNA hepatitis C Initiative has made significant progress in educating
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      From: Maqbool Arshad <maq2326@...>

      Dear All :
                        APPNA hepatitis C Initiative has made significant progress in educating medical community, high school students and the public about prevention as a key measure in controlling this epidemic.
      Our medical colleges/teaching hospitals module is being implemented around Pakistan and now our high school educational module is being implemented in thousands of high schools which are being run by foundations through out the provinces.
      We have started an ambitious grass root efforts in Azad Kashmir through teachers and lady health visitors through recent on the ground efforts by our committee member Dr Jamil Tareen .To learn more about these activities please visit our face book page :
      Please also mark your calendar for APPNA invitational conference in Lahore, March 5,6 where NGO's, medical universities , medical students, health departments, media  and other interested groups will get opportunities to network , strategies and find a way forward to combat this preventable disease.
      We will soon start a direct television and radio campaign through our video and audio animated messages about this preventable disease which will be the cause of death of 3 million Pakistanis and the cause of half a million of new cases of liver cancer in Pakistan in the  next decade.
      We appreciate your donations through APPNA.org in this critical effort in saving lives of millions who could fall prey to this infection.
      Maqbool Arshad,
      Chair, APPNA Hepatitis C Initiative
      & APPNA Hepatitis C Administrative Committee members.



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