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91pc doctors, paramedics avoid washing hands

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    Courtesy by: farooq ahmed soomro wrote: Daily Dawn October 22, 2006 91pc doctors, paramedics avoid washing hands By Zulqernain Tahir
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 22, 2006
      Courtesy by: farooq ahmed soomro <dr_farooq_02@...> wrote:
      Daily Dawn October 22, 2006
      91pc doctors, paramedics avoid washing hands

      By Zulqernain Tahir

      LAHORE, Oct 21: In the absence of basic facilities for
      hand washing in most public hospitals, some 91 per
      cent doctors and paramedics are not observing this
      practice after examining patients, reveals a study of
      the Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC).

      “Hand washing is one of the most vital procedures for
      preventing Nosocomial Infection in hospitals. It
      prevents potentially fatal spread of infection from
      patient to patient and from patient to health care
      workers in a health care setting,” the study says.

      The study has been conducted to determine the
      knowledge, attitude and practice patterns of hand
      washing in several public sector hospitals of the

      Two doctors, a head nurse, a junior/student nurse and
      a dispenser/dresser/trainee technician were
      interviewed in each of the selected hospitals. Pro
      forma was used to collect the information; besides an
      observational form was also filled to see the actual
      facilities available and the practice pattern of the
      staff. A total of 386 individuals, including 191
      doctors, were interviewed.

      It has been noted that the facility for hand washing
      is available at only 17 per cent units but only nine
      per cent doctors and paramedics of them bother to use

      “Around 48 per cent doctors and 70 per cent paramedics
      stated that they were practicing hand washing after
      examining every patient but when observed only nine
      per cent were doing so. A majority of them used toilet
      soap, which they had purchased by themselves and 33
      per cent were of the view that hand washing practice
      with soap and water was not adequate to prevent
      infection. Most of them (58 per cent) said that if the
      facility was provided they would perform hand washing
      regularly”, the study says.

      It says that water was not available for hand washing
      at 66 per cent places. There was no washbasin at 61
      per cent units and detergent was not available at 68
      per cent places. At some places these facilities were
      available to senior doctors only while junior doctors
      and other staff were not allowed to use it, it says
      and adds that gloves were not available at 71 per cent

      General cleanliness of the hospitals recorded 22 per
      cent as bad, 51 per cent adequate and only 27 per cent
      as good.

      The results of the PMRC study show that at most places
      basic facilities for hand washing are not available. A
      majority of doctors and paramedical staff is not
      practicing hand washing after examining patients,
      therefore, it is recommended that hand washing
      facilities should be provided at all places of
      hospitals where patients are examined.

      “Health education should be provided regularly through
      print and electronic media and workshops to create
      awareness about hand washing benefits. Senior doctors
      should make sure that they adhere to this practice and
      also keep a check on their juniors in this regard,”
      the study recommends.

      Dr. Farooq Rahman Soomro

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