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Pediatric oncology pathology event - SIOP

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    Dear All, It is a pleasure to announce the programme for the Biopathology pre-conference CME as a part of SIOP 2007 to be held this year in Mumbai on 31st
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      Dear All,
      It is a pleasure to announce the programme for the Biopathology pre-conference CME as a part of SIOP 2007 to be held this year in Mumbai on 31st October 2007.
      SIOP – International Society of Paediatric Oncology is holding its annual conference in Mumbai this year. The conference begins on 30 th Oct and ends on 3rd Nov. Pre-conference CMEs and workshops are going to be held on 30th and 31st Oct. Almost every speciality concerned with paediatric tumour management will be represented in the entire course of the conference.
      The event which will interest the most to the pathologists is a pre-conference CME titled ' Biopathology' on 31st Oct 2007. This CME is essentially aimed towards gaining an insight into the paediatric solid tumours through a pathologists eye! The detailed programme is attached herewith for your reference.  
      Usually, SIOP encourages  registration for the entire main conference and the pre-conference event/s of choice. However, we are pleased to inform you that this time registration for only the "Biopathology" event has kindly been permitted. The registration for only this CME will not be possible on-line. Instead, you need to download the form by clicking on www.siop2007.in. A copy has to be downloaded and filled. The cost for registration is Rs. 2000/- and a demand draft for the same with the form is to be posted to :
      Congress Secretariat
      Mr. Makarand Desai.
      Varriance Conferences & Events
      37/900, Adarsh Nagar, Century Bazaar.
      Worli, Mumbai 400030,

      The venue for this event will be
      National Centre for Performing Arts,
      NCPA Marg, Nariman Point,
      Mumbai 400 021, India

      The forms are available online on www.siop2007.in. Tel: +91 22 24381068
      Fax: +91 22 24385021
      Email: siop2007@...
      The programme is attached below.
      Dr. Mukta Ramadwar, Dr. Seethalakshmi V, Tata Memorial Hospital .
      Wednesday 31 October 2007 - Day -1
      Biopathology workshop, Location: Hall G, NCPA
      Chairs: M. Ramadwar, India ; A. Borges, India ; A. Kelsey, U.K., P. Sorensen, Canada
      Overview of the role that pathology plays in the diagnosis and management of solid tumours in childhood. T. Eden, U.K.
      Soft tissue sarcomas - What are the gold standards in diagnosis & Review of new clinical trials in soft tissue sarcomas A. Kelsey, U.K.
      The importance of identifying new entities in soft tissue sarcomas R. Alaggio, Italy
      Pitfalls in the diagnosis of liver tumours in childhood
      A. Zimmermann , Switzerland
      Thyroid tumours in children
      A. Borges, India
      Coffee break
      A multidisciplinary team approach to management of bone tumours                  
      N.A. Jambhekar (pathologist), Dr. Puri A (oncosurgeon), Dr. Jankaria B (radiologist), India
      The value of molecular characterisation in renal tumours
      G. Vujanic , U.K.
      Lunch break
      Slide seminar: Assorted cases in Paediatric Oncology
      Moderator: A. Borges, India
      Discussants: A. Kelsey, U.K. ; P. Sorensen, Canada ; M. Ramadwar, India; Dr. Seethalaksmi, India ; T. Shet, India

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