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6726Data Analysis Workshop on SPSS in INDUS Hotel, HYDERABAD

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    Aug 27, 2014

    WORKSHOP ON DATA ANALYSIS USING SPSS (6th & 7th September, 2014 in Hotel INDUS, Hyderabad)


    Shaheen Research Group is organising a  2 Day Hands on SPSS workshop on 6th and 7th September, 2014 in Hotel Indus Hyderabad to familiarise the workshop participants with the potential applications of the powerful Statistical Analysis on SPSS. The workshop will introduce participants to Practical Data Analysis using the statistical software package SPSS.  


    This will be an interactive, but structured training session covering the topics outlined in the programme. The workshop is designed on Task Based Instructional Design. Initially, a task on SPSS will be performed by the instructor and later candidates will be facilitated to perform specific task individually, on dataset saved in the candidate hard drive. Each candidate will be provided with a number of datasets and specific tasks to perform.


    House officers, postgraduate trainees and senior faculty members of medicine and dentistry are encouraged to book places in this workshop. Faculty members and Postgraduate students from Social Sciences, Psychology, Nursing, Education, Management, will also find this workshop useful to gain hands on experience of data analysis.



    Topics To Be Covered In The Workshop


    Introduction to SPSS

    Creating Variable

    Data Entry

    Sorting data

    Saving Output


    Data Transformation

    Recoding variable

    Computing variable


    Descriptive Statistics

    Compute Mean/Median/Standard Deviation/Interquartile Range and frequency (%)

    Cross tabulation



    Pie chart

    Bar chart

    Clustered Bar Chart


    Scatter Plot


    Tests for Comparison of Mean

    Independent T Tests

    Paired sampled T Test

    One Way ANOVA with Post-hoc comparison

    One Way Repeated Measure ANOVA



    Non-Parametric Tests

    Mann Whitney U Test

    Wilcoxon Matched Paired Test

    Kruskal Wallis Test

    Friedman Test


    Tests for Association

    Chi Square Test for Independence

    McNemar Test




    Simple Linear Regression

    Multivariate Regression Analysis

    Binary Logistic Regression




    Where: Conference Room, Hotel Indus,                                     ThandiSarak, Hyderabad        

                  Sindh; Pakistan

    When: 6th - 7th September (Saturday - Sunday),                    2014

    Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

    Cost : Rs. 5000 per participant


    Note: Maximum 20 candidates will be registered for this workshop, so early booking is advised.

    Includes: Lunch, Task files, Handouts & Certificate of Attendance.


    For more details about the workshop see the attached Brochure.




    Shaheen Research Group

    Website: www.srg.com.pk

    Email: inquiry@...

    Phone: 00-92-21-34891020

    Cell Number: 00-92-345-2121409

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