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smart phone games & applications

hey guys, looking for games & mobile based content in any languages for smart phones . buzz me any time cheers vivek
Aug 17, 2003

10% off MobiComms Forum 2003 for Eurowireless Subscribers

MobiComms Forum 2003 4th- 6th June Barcelona, Spain Organizer: marcus evans The MobiComms Forum will explore an exciting and fast moving market - providing
May 12, 2003

Wireless Survey

Greeting, Thank you for all those participating in this wireless survey. If you have not done you, please join the survey. It will only take you less than
Sep 20, 2002

Re: Cell Broadcast+ bluetooth

... Ok - you say above that you want to send an SMS message to somebody when he enters an area. I am being very specific about SMS message here - ie a message
Corrigan, Louis
Aug 12, 2002

Cell Broadcast+ bluetooth

like to know more about cell braodcast i got a query from a client that as soon as any body enter a specific area he should get sms how is that possible
Aug 12, 2002

SMS Acceptance Survey

Hi all, Just been sent this report by Enpocket for those interested. UK specific and worth a read. Survey was conducted by ICM so at least it's independent.
Aug 6, 2002

SMS Providers

All, This has stemmed from some activity on a UK list. Euro-wireless.org is some way down the line of putting together a comprehensive list of SMS providers
Jul 31, 2002

Re: [euro-w] Telematics

I'm pretty much involved. Although the crisis in my country has turned back various projects, I have a couple of companies interested in telematics for
José M. Pereda
Jul 27, 2002

Re: [euro-w] Telematics

Hi all, Telematics is big in Europe as well though the drivers are very different from the US. It's safety and security which are driving services in the US
Maggy Blagrove
Jul 26, 2002


Hi all, I know we have a mixed group of people here. Am curious if anyone is actively briefed for anything telematics wise? Is there any interest in it in
Tom Dibble
Jul 26, 2002

Deadline is Wednesday -- Bluetooth Developers Conference, San Jose,

IBC are pleased to announce the Bluetooth Developers Conference, San Jose, 10th-12th December 2002, the world's largest Bluetooth event and the only OFFICIAL
Jul 26, 2002

Go home for the weeknd but before you do........

..........visit http://www.euro-wireless.org and let us know what you think of the new site. It's small but to the point!!!! We're not taking anyone on, we
Jun 28, 2002

Re: [euro-w] Cell Broadcast

Hi tom, How's business? Regards, Iain Bell
Jun 26, 2002

Re: [euro-w] Cell Broadcast

OK - but not in the order the questions were asked. In GSM, logically the Cell Broadcast Centre must connect to each BSC to transmit the messages in the cells.
Corrigan, Louis
Jun 26, 2002

hi can someone please advise

hi I know that reverse sms billing probably isnt what you guys specialise in but can anyone tell me what I would require to setup as a reverse sms provider in
Jun 26, 2002
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