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Hi to all, I'm a new member from Barcelona (Spain). I would like to know if somebody knows or could help me to find an article, book or a web side which informs me about
Oct 20, 2003
Rearing Araneus angulatus Dear eurachnologists, I am new to the list so please forgive me if my question is off base. Yesterday, I collected an subadult Araneus angulatus from an Danish
Jørgen Lissner
Sep 17, 2003
SoBig F please check your computers with the free tool (link at the bottom). we are still getting infected email daily, 200+ most days, and a lot of them have
Brian and Terri Crane
Aug 31, 2003
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Re: Spiders of Britain Hello Andy I've just noticd the date of your post and I imagine by now you have found what you were looking for. In case you haven't or would like more info
Brian and Terri Crane
Jul 26, 2003
Re: Spiders of Britain You might try here but I think they deal more with Australia species. Perhaps in their 'links'. Brian and Terri http://www.museum.vic.gov.au/spiders/ident.html
Brian and Terri Crane
Jul 26, 2003
Spiders of Britain Hello, Is there a web site, or failing that, a recommended book on the spiders of the British idsles to put a name to the common species, at least? Cheers Andy
May 5, 2003
Re: Recovery I live in the US, and my interests in arachnids covers mainly the jumpers, though I once owned a Tarantula for approximately fifteen years and find all species
Apr 30, 2003
Re: Recovery Please keep all of us informed as to the progress of this venture. It sounds like a challenge to say the least. Respectfully: William
Apr 30, 2003
Recovery Dear Madame/Sir, Croatian Natural History Museum bought an old collection which contains spiders and scorpions. Since some specimens had dried we would like to
Jana Bedek
Apr 29, 2003
Pyrenean arachnids Hi all, I'm looking for any reference on arachnids (except Acari) of the Central / Eastern Pyrenées, with particular interest in checklists, inventories &
Yann Evenou
Apr 29, 2003
Poecilotheria ventral views Hello@all, on my website you'll find a collage of the ventral view of some Poecilotheria species. The collage comprises: P. fasciata P. metallica P. miranda P.
Martin Huber
Mar 17, 2003
Re: anybody interested in trade? Haplopelma lividum needed. Naber Umit, Nasýlsýn? Universitenden niye ayrýldýn? Simdi nerde calýsýyorsun? Elimde besledigim birkac tane Chaetopelma var. My email address is
May 24, 2002
Re: anybody interested in trade? Haplopelma lividum needed. Pleased to hear from you..do you still grow them? it would be great to get one from you if you are still near to me? umit ... From: "sssspiderrrr"
May 24, 2002
anybody interested in trade? Haplopelma lividum needed. Hello, I am looking for somebody who is interested in obtaining the mediterranean Theraphosid species Chaetopelma gracilis. I need a female Haplopelma lividum
May 24, 2002
(no subject) This mail has been sent to all mailers contacted with me in english. Since my position in Fatih University is ended up, i may not be contacted via internet
May 8, 2002
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MODERATOR INFO - ESA Dear all, following the poll we had in October 2000, the announcement about our list has just been published in the ESA bulletin. Hope this will help reviving
Yann Evenou
Apr 2, 2002
Re: TEST Why ? being a little to quick to reply isn't enough to be removed from the list, much less having the group closed :-) Yann ... From: umit
Yann Evenou
Apr 2, 2002
Re: TEST test ... -- ... Mike "troll" Dame Martinez, Ca. USA Spider Wrangler/Webmaster American Tarantula Society http://atshq.org Arachnocentric II
Mike ''troll''
Mar 26, 2002
Re: TEST i was afraid the group is ended up (because of me) ... From: "Yann Evenou" To: Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Mar 26, 2002
Yann Evenou
Mar 26, 2002
Re: Information needed on spiders and lizards of Anatolia why are you dealing with these? if you like to collect em, pls dont for a research interest or such purposes mail me! ... Umit Kebapci Research Assistant Fatih
Nov 23, 2001
Information needed on spiders and lizards of Anatolia If you know, can somebody tell me about the mygallomorph spiders that exist on the grounds of Anatolia (Asia Minor, Turkey)? Like how many species, and what
Nov 22, 2001
Re: Scytodes thoracica wanted Hi Dario, Where are you located ? I sometimes find S. thoracica and could probably send you some. Yann ... From: Dario Barrera To:
Yann Evenou
Oct 2, 2001
Scytodes thoracica wanted Hi! I've been rearing the house dwelling Scytodes thoracica for 4 years now but need to introduce new specimens. These spiders are common but not very
Dario Barrera
Oct 1, 2001
[Fwd: arachnology surgical autotomization] ... Subject: arachnology surgical autotomization Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 22:12:24 -0800 From: "Mike ''troll''" Reply-To: arachnology@...
Mike ''troll''
Jan 9, 2001
Re: Happy New Year! Hi Yann, just a bit more (off topic): Chamaeleo calyptratus is from Yemen. It's I think the most popular chameleon in Germany, because it's "easy" to keep and
Martin Huber
Jan 3, 2001
Re: Happy New Year! Spain : relict fauna India & Sri Lanka : forgot to mention Turkey, Yemen, S. Arabia : didn't have a clue, thanks a lot for the info...:-) Yann Evenou ... From:
Yann Evenou
Jan 3, 2001
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Re: Happy New Year! It is not very necessary but indeed chameleon species live additionally in Spain, Turkey, Yemen, India , S. Arabia and Sri Lanka happy new year ... Umit
Jan 3, 2001
Re: Happy New Year! Although often called a chameleon in the US, it is most probably an Anole, Anolis carolinensis. True chameleons live only in Africa & Madagascar AFAIK. Yann
Yann Evenou
Jan 2, 2001
Re: Happy New Year! Hello and Happy New Year to one and all. I am well aware that this site is dedicated predominantly to arachnids, but I was fortunate enough on a recent trip
Jan 2, 2001
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