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Texas A&M fire blast victim family seeking financial support

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Novita Rahman
Aug 31, 2004

" We are original FOBANA and the other one is a Circus"- Statement i

Dear All Members of Bangladeshi Community in Greater Washington Metro Area and FOBANA ( two groups) members, This is to inform you that we tried and still
Golam Akhter
Aug 31, 2004

Humayun Azad: Some words of bereavement from Mukto-mona€  ’²s Adviso

Humayun Azad: Some words of bereavement from Mukto-mona€ ¦’²s Advisory Board Professor Humayun Azad, a distinguished member of Mukto-mona, had passed away on
Avijit Roy
Aug 31, 2004

Farming arrangements with Myanmar

Dear members, We all know that Bangladesh is a land hungry country. It does not have enough land to use for agriculture to produce sufficient quantity of rice
Aug 31, 2004

Dhaka-10 by-election

Dear Readers, Dhaka-10 by-election is a by-product of bad politics under bad leadership. Free and fair election was absolutely necessary for various reasons
Enayet Hossain
Jul 17, 2004

Re: Islamic Superstitions---2

Islam and Superstition-2 Part Two By: Syed Kamran Mirza June 10, 2004 (Translated into English from Bengali by Abul Kasem) [A request to the readers: Those who
Abul Kasem
Jul 17, 2004

Islamic Superstitions---1

Islam and Superstition Part One By: Syed Kamran Mirza (Translated into English from Bengali by Abul Kasem) We are aware that superstition is a popular belief
Abul Kasem
Jun 30, 2004

Re: 14 June, 1997

Fellow eShomabeshians: I learned of the accident at the time and did not hear anything about it afterward. It basically was lost in the memory lane. I
Mohammad Hossain
Jun 30, 2004

Open season for a Jamaati killer in USA!

Note from Jamal Hasan: The following text is extracted from a web journal published in December 2000. It includes a Jamat-i-Islami leader from Bangladesh,
Jamal Hasan
Jun 30, 2004

Tepantor Inaguration and inviting writers/poets/artists for entries

Dear all, We are happy to inform you that we had an inaugural ceremony for the publication of TEPANTOR this month with the very first issue. With the lack of
Perveen, Rehana
Jun 30, 2004

Graduates of 2004 Reception

June 21, 2004 Dear Friends: You are cordially invited to attend the 2004 Bangladeshi-American Graduates' Reception on July 17, 2004 at 12 noon. Appreciation
Jun 29, 2004

OIC election and Bangladesh

Dear Readers, What is happening in the parliament in these days is just to making a clue for boycotting the parliament again by the opposition party AL blaming
Enayet Hossain
Jun 29, 2004

Court acquits five accused in Hudood Rape Case

Hyderabad (Pakistan), June 16, 2004: The Additional Sessions Judge Hyderabad on Wednesday acquitted five imprisoned accused of a Zina case. The high profile
Jun 29, 2004

Porshi : June 2004 issue is published

PORSHI is a non-partisan monthly BANGLA magazine published from North America regularly since May, 2001. If you are interested in balanced views on
Majumder, Sabir
Jun 29, 2004

14 June, 1997

RAISE YOUR VOICE: DEMANDING COMPENSATION FROM UNOCAL FOR MAGURCHHARA BLOWOUT. If we not be misleading by our memory, we could recall news of mid June 1997; a
T.M. Abdullah al shafi
Jun 29, 2004
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