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Re: A fight to the death

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  • Starbirth
    Starbirth Sat down in an overstuffed chair and waited. After about forty minutes, Nashimura came into the room alone. He closed and locked the reinforced door
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 15, 2006
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      Starbirth Sat down in an overstuffed chair and waited.

      After about forty minutes, Nashimura came into the room alone. He
      closed and locked the reinforced door behind him. The two concubines
      quickly rushed past Starbirth. One took Mr. Nashimura's jackjet. The
      other handed him a drink in a highball glass.

      As Nashimura took the drink from her hand, Starbirth reached under
      the cushion of her chair and pulled out the Nova 6 mass pistol she
      had stashed there. A brief but sharp wave of pain washed over her
      body as her accelerator kicked in and hypercharged her refex
      circuitry. She jumped to her feet, simultaneously firing a deadly
      blast into nashimura's midsection. Blood sprayed across the room,
      spattering the white upholstery.

      With a look of shock on his face Nashimura teetered a bit, then
      dropped his drink. The sound of breaking glass combined with the
      screams of Nashimura's "servants" as it shattered on the tile floor.
      Despite his mortal injuries he lept forward and hit Starbirth with a
      glancing blow. She stumbled backwards a few steps and fired again
      with the huge pistol. This time Nashimura dropped to the floor in a
      lifeless lump. Starbirth quickly disposed of the two concubines with
      two quick shots to the head. She left the 3 bodies on the floor, then
      proceeded to take all the vital computer components from the room.
      She also went into Nashimura's room, tore it apart, and took
      everything of value.

      The entire scene took place in a matter of minutes. After all,
      Starbirth was following a plan which she had been perfecting for
      months. By the time the bodies were discovered, Starbirth was already
      onboard The Renfrew preparing to lift off.

      She reached open space and prepared the navigational coordinates for
      Kai System. Little did she know that Kixil Station had been
      completely evacuated of living personnel months ago. And the robots
      who kept the Station running on standby have been overtaken by her
      arch enemy-the AI gridlord known as Vector Fields...

      --- In escapevelocity2503@yahoogroups.com, "Starbirth"
      <joinfutureworlds@...> wrote:
      > Starbirth waited with infinite patience for Mr. Nashimura to return
      > from his so-called appointment. Although he told her nothing of the
      > nature of his meeting, she knew precisely what he was doing:
      > up, scaring some thugs, and leaving.
      > Mr. Nashimura was far too important to be bothered with any day to
      > day dirty work, but he WAS called upon infrequently to "make
      > appearances". The very threat that Mr. Nashimura was on his way is
      > typically more than enough to get even the most unruly thugs in
      > But this intimidation didn't work on Starbirth. She was done being
      > Nashimura's lackey. Her plan was to erase Nashimura, gut the assets
      > of his organization, and return to Kai system.
      > With her red eye she glared menacingly at the two concubines
      > on the sofa. They were also waiting for Mr. Nashimura to return.
      > Starbirth found the steady stream of harlots that entertained
      > Nashimura to be repugnant, not to mention a security risk. She had
      > stated that fact to Nashimura several times, knowing all the while
      > that she was in reality the greatest threat to him. But he seemed
      > think he was invincible.
      > "we shall see", the mechalus thought to herself...
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