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Announcement and Call for Papers - extended deadline 30th June 2010

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  • Judith Hecker
    CALL FOR PAPERS and Conference Announcement INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE -- Levels of Processing: Foundations of Social Cognition University Club Bonn, September
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      CALL FOR PAPERS and Conference Announcement

      INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE -- Levels of Processing: Foundations of Social Cognition

      University Club Bonn, September 16--18, 2010     (realized in cooperation with research groups in Bochum and Köln)

      As part of the interdisciplinary research project on "Knowing how and knowing that" sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation we organize a three-day international workshop on the Foundations of Social Cognition.

      This interdisciplinary meeting starts with philosophical investigations of different levels of processing realized in cognitive and social abilities. These methodological considerations will then be used to develop and discuss a new research framework of investigating social cognition. The relevant dimensions that we want to combine are: 1. the dispute in philosophy and psychology about different theories of understanding other minds (Theory-Theory, Simulation Theory, Interaction Theory, Person Model Theory), 2. the recent discoveries about the neuropsychological foundations of social cognition (neural correlates and their relevance) and 3. the role of culture for social abilities.

      Confirmed Speakers are:

      Colin Allen - Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Indiana University

      Nalini Ambady - Neuropsychology, Tufts University

      Carl Craver - Philosophy and Cognitve Science, Washington University in St Louis

      Shaun Gallagher - Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences, University of Central Florida

      Gyorgy Gergely - Psychology, Central European University Budapest

      Pierre Jacob - Philosophy, Insitut Jean Nicod Paris

      Jon Opie - Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of Adelaide

      Shihui Han Peking - Neuropsychology, Peking University

      Beate Sodian - Psychology, Ludwig Maximilian Universität München

      The workshop will be organized in four Symposia on (1) Levels of Processing, (2) Understanding Other Minds, (3) Social Cognition, and (4) Cultural Cognition/Neuroscience. In addition there will be a Session with Graduate Student presentations and a Poster Session. The conference language will be English.

      Call for Papers:

      PhD students and Postdocs are invited to submit papers or posters on topics related to the main topic of the conference. Paper submissions must be appropriate for short talks of 20 min for a total 30 min session. Papers may not exceed 2500 words including an abstract of 150 words. A submission for posters could rely on either an abstract of 500 words or the full poster. Submissions are to be sent in electronical form (.pdf, .doc, .docx) to ramiro.glauer@...

      Submission Deadline is JUNE 30th, 2010!

      Conditional on approval of funding graduate student speakers will be eligible for limited support for accommodation. Details will be available on the webpage soon: www.wuk.uni-bonn.de


      Participation is free, but places are limited. Please contact ramiro.glauer@... for participation requests, including a brief description of your affiliation, position, and research interests (not more than half a page).

      More information will be available on www.wuk.uni-bonn.de in due course.

      Scientific Organization:
      Prof. Andreas Bartels (Institute of Philosophy, University of Bonn),
      Prof. Albert Newen (Institute of Philosophy, Ruhr-University Bochum),
      Prof. Kai Vogeley (Center of Neurology and Psychiatry at the University Hospital of Cologne),
      Ramiro Glauer (Institute of Philosophy, University of Bonn)

      This event is kindly supported by the University-Club Bonn and the Volkswagen Foundation.
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