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CFP 'Retributive Emotions' (Philosophical Papers)

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  • Desiderio Murcho
    Call for Papers: Retributive Emotions Special Issue of *Philosophical Papers* Guest Editor: Lucy Allais (Witwatersrand and Sussex) Reactive attitudes are
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2009
      Call for Papers: 'Retributive Emotions'

      Special Issue of *Philosophical Papers*
      Guest Editor: Lucy Allais (Witwatersrand and Sussex)

      Reactive attitudes are affective ways of viewing agents in response to the
      good or bad will that they demonstrate in their actions; retributive
      reactive attitudes, such as resentment, indignation, guilt, and contempt,
      are the subset of reactive attitudes that involve seeing the agent to whom
      they are directed as having done wrong. Philosophers have both defended and
      criticised the moral value of retributive reactive attitudes. Defenders have
      explored their intimate connections with self-respect, resistance to
      injustice, accountability, agency, and personhood, and some philosophers
      argue we cannot understand responsibility without these emotions. At the
      same time, both in philosophy and in popular culture it is often thought
      that dissolving or overcoming retributive emotions is both healthy and
      virtuous. Both views raise complex questions about the nature of retributive
      reactive attitudes. The aim of this special issue of *Philosophical Papers*
      is to explore this area, and with it, the complex role that the moral
      emotions play in our understanding of wrongdoing.

      Possible topics for discussion include:
      - Analyses of particular retributive attitudes.
      - The intentional content of the retributive emotions.
      - The significance and role of the 'feeling' part of retributive attitudes.
      - The relation between retributive emotions and moral judgments.
      - The relation between, on the one hand, having a particular emotional
      response to wrongdoing and, on the other hand, 'properly' grasping the
      wrongness of the wrong and the perpetrator's culpability and 'properly'
      condemning this wrong.
      - The relationship between retributive emotions and responsibility.
      - The relationship between retributive emotions and punishment.
      - The relationship between retributive emotions and forgiveness.
      - The rational or moral culpability, if any, in not having retributive
      emotional responses, and whether there are differences between self-directed
      and other-directed retributive responses.
      - The extent to which the retributive emotions are optional or avoidable.
      - The possibility of having 'positive' reactive attitudes (e.g., gratitude)
      without having retributive reactive attitudes.

      The deadline for receipt of submission is 30 June 2010. This special edition
      of *Philosophical Papers*, which will contain both invited and submitted
      papers, will appear in November of 2010.

      Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts electronically, as a pdf or
      word-document attachment, prepared for blind review, emailed to
      <philosophical.papers@...>. Authors should include their full name,
      affiliation, and address for email correspondence with their submission.

      Further enquiries can be addressed to Lucy Allais (Lucy.Allais@...)
      or Ward Jones, Editor, *Philosophical Papers* (w.jones@...).

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