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Call for papers INTUITION

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    Apologies for Cross-Posting Call for Papers Intuition Few philosophical concepts are more central than that of  intuition .  Within the phenomenological
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      Apologies for Cross-Posting

      Call for Papers


      Few philosophical concepts are more central than that of intuition.  Within the phenomenological tradition, intuition is that privileged mode of consciousness in which an object is present or given.  It is contrasted with empty or signitive acts. Among many contemporary philosophers, intuitions are propositional attitudes whose contents seem true to their subjects. teoremainvites submissions on all aspects of this topic.  Just what is intuition?  What are the various species of it?  Is all intuition sensuous, or can we intuit such things as essences, necessities, possibilities, and normative states of affairs?  What role does intuition play in the production of knowledge, and how does it do so?  How is intuition related to acts of meaning, conceiving, and theorizing?  What role do empty intentions and horizons play in intuitive acts?  Do philosophers—phenomenologists and contemporary philosophers, for instance—use the term ‘intuition’ univocally?

      teoremaencourages submissions on these and related questions from authors working either within the phenomenological or other traditions.  Articles must be written in English and should not exceed 6,000 words.  For the presentation of their articles, authors are requested to take into account the instructions available at


      Submissions must be suitable for blind review.  Both a DOC and a PDF document must be sent to the Editor by January 15, 2014.  Notification of intent to submit, including both a title and a brief summary of the content, will be greatly appreciated, as it will assist with the coordination and planning of the special issue.

      Guest Editor for this issue will be ASSOC. PROF. WALTER HOPP (Boston University).

      Contact details for queries and submissions:


      Prof. Luis M. Valdés Villanueva

      Editor of teorema

      E-mail: teorema@...

      Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2014.

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