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Sense & Sensibility - Conference Programme

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    *apologies for cross-postings* The Research Unit “Person, Social Cognition and Normativity” (Prin 2008), the Research Center in Phenomenology and Sciences
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      *apologies for cross-postings*

      The Research Unit “Person, Social Cognition and Normativity” (Prin 2008), the Research Center in Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person (www.phenomenologylab.eu) and the Research Center in Experimental and Applied Epistemology of San Raffaele University (www.cresa.eu), Milan, present the International Conference and Winter School

      Sense and Sensibility. Empirical and Philosophical Investigations on the Five Senses

      ( University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan, January 17-18, 2013)

      Invited Speakers: Clotilde Calabi (Milan State University), Maurizio Ferraris (University of Turin), Vittorio Gallese (University of Parma), Daniela Perani (San Raffaele University), Elisabetta Sacchi (San Raffaele University), Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study), Claudio de’ Sperati (San Raffaele University)

      Contributed Speakers: Susi Ferrarello (Loyola University), Francesca Forlé (San Raffaele University), Edoardo Fugali (University of Messina), Alberto Gualandi (University of Bologna), Roberta Locatelli (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Sarah Songhorian (San Raffaele University), Arianna Uggé (San Raffaele University), Alberto Voltolini (University of Turin), Andrea Zhok (Milan State University)

      Scientific Committee and International Reviewers: Roberta De Monticelli (San Raffaele University), Michele Di Francesco (San Raffaele University), Jean-Luc Petit (University of Strasbourg & College de France, Paris), Barry Smith (Institute of Philosophy, SAS, London), Claudia Bianchi (San Raffaele University), Alberto Voltolini (University of Turin), Alessandro Salice (University of Wien & University of Basel), Francesca De Vecchi (San Raffaele University), Cristina Meini (University of Eastern Piedmont), Elisabetta Sacchi (San Raffaele University), Andrea Sereni (San Raffaele University)

      Organising Committee: Roberta De Monticelli (San Raffaele University), Michele Di Francesco (San Raffaele University), Claudia Bianchi (San Raffaele University), Francesca De Vecchi (San Raffaele University), Stefano Cardini (phenomenologylab), Elisabetta Sacchi (San Raffaele University), Andrea Sereni (San Raffaele University), Francesca Boccuni (San Raffaele University)

      The conference is related to the fourth issue of the journal “Phenomenology and Mind”.

      As Erwin Straus claimed in The Primary World of Senses “ sensory fields seem to have a kind of passionate sympathy for everything morphic; they are always ready to take shape”. Unfortunately, his attempted “vindication of sensory experience” (as the subtitle of his book says) is yet to be done. To promote a thorough exploration of the world of senses and sensory experiences from both a phenomenological, a cognitive, and a neurobiological point of view is thus the aim of this conference. This conference will bring together researchers of different areas in order to stimulate a constructive interdisciplinary dialogue on the issue of the nature and individuation of the senses. The interaction between science and philosophy in this area is indeed crucial: on the one hand, science has informed the debate in various ways by providing data as well as scientific interpretations of them that any philosophical theory of experience has to address; on the other hand, also scientists need philosophical reflections in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the nature of our experience in all its different modalities. Some central questions in the debate are the following:

      - What is the nature of the senses?
      - How do the different senses operate? In particular, can each sense modality be understood in isolation from any other such modality or in order to fully understand each sense modality we need to understand how that modality relates to the others?
      - Are our perceptual experiences representational states? And in the positive case what and how do they represent? Moreover, what relation is there between the representational features of our sense experiences and their phenomenal qualities?
      - Apart from modal experiences are there also “crossmodal” ones and, in the positive case, how do they differ from the modal ones?
      - How to account for the multi-modality of sensory experience and how the information gathered from different sensory modalities is bound together in such a way as to account to the fact that our experiences are phenomenally unified?

      Answers to these questions are of intrinsic interest, but they have a wider significance too, both from a philosophical and a scientific point of view. We shall investigate these issues by focusing on different sense modalities: visual, tactual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory. Particular attention, in the field of human auditory experience, will be given to the musical experience which will be investigated from both a phenomenological and a neurological perspective (according to the “music and the brain” research project pursued in neuropsychology).

      Conference programme:

      January 17th:

      10.00 10.30 MICHELE DI FRANCESCO (Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, San Raffaele University), ROBERTA DE MONTICELLI (San Raffaele University)

      10.30 11.30 BARRY SMITH (University of London): Matters of Taste and Tasting

      11.30 11.45 Coffee Break

      11.45 12.25 ROBERTA LOCATELLI (University Paris 1): In Defence of Phenomenal Disjunctivism: An Elucidation

      12.25 13.05 ALBERTO VOLTOLINI (University of Turin): The Mark of the Mental

      14.30 15.30 MAURIZIO FERRARIS (University of Turin): Why Does Perception Matter

      15.30 16.30 DANIELA PERANI (San Raffaele University): Brain, Music and Emotions

      16.30 16.45 Coffee Break

      16.45 17.25 SARAH SONGHORIAN (San Raffaele University): How Do We Understand Others? Empathy and the Theory of Mind as Two Different, but Cooperative, Mechanism for Sensibility

      17.25 18.05 ARIANNA UGGÉ (San Raffaele University): Representationalism and Ambiguous Figures

      18.05 18.45 FRANCESCA FORLÉ (San Raffaele University): What we See Depends on How we Move. The Embodied Roots of Visual Perception

      January 18th:

      9.30 10.30 VITTORIO GALLESE (University of Parma): Embodied Simulation and Touch: The Sense of Touch in Social Cognition

      10.30 11.30 CLAUDIO DE’ SPERATI and REGINA GREGORI GRGIC (San Raffaele University): Psychophysics Phenomenologized? Sensation and Decision in Visual Motion Perception

      11.30 11.45 Coffee Break

      11.45 12.25 EDOARDO FUGALI (University of Messina): The Role of Tactility in the Constitution of Embodied Experience

      12.25 13.05 ALBERTO GUALANDI (University of Bologna): “Sensing Voices”. A Theoretical Comparison between the Aesthesiological Approach to Schizophrenia and Some Contemporary Phenomenological and Neuropsychiatric Models

      14.30 15.30 CLOTILDE CALABI (Milan State University): Amodal Completion, Perception and Imagery

      15.30 16.30 ELISABETTA SACCHI (San Raffaele University): The Content and the Phenomenology of Percentual Experience

      16.30 16.45 Coffee Break

      16.45 17.25 ANDREA ZHOK (Milan State University): On the Reality of Percepts: Husserl and Gibson

      17.25 18.05 SUSI FERRARELLO (Loyola University): Active and Passive Analysis of Practical Intentions within Husserl’s Phenomenology

      18.05 Concluding Session
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