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18152nd Call for Commentators/Chairs Konstanz Reasoning Conference 24-27 July 2014

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  • Emmy Noether Group
    Jan 30, 2014
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      2nd Call for Commentators and Chairs for:

      Reasoning Conference 24-27 July 2014
      University of Konstanz / Germany

      The conference aims at bringing together philosophers working in different areas related to the topic of reasoning, broadly understood: practical reasoning and the normativity of rationality, the psychology and phenomenology of reasoning, the formal structure of rationality and reasoning, the epistemology of reasoning and inference, etc. There will be 9-10 sessions, each comprising a paper presentation, 15 minutes of comments and a discussion.

      Confirmed Participants:

      Paul Boghossian (NYU)
      Alex Byrne (MIT)
      Janice Dowell (Syracuse)
      Hannes Leitgeb (LMU Munich)
      Anna-Sara Malmgren (Stanford)
      Joshua Schechter (Brown)
      Miriam Schoenfield (Texas/Austin)
      Matthew Smith (Leeds)
      David Sobel (Syracuse)
      Nicholas Southwood (ANU)
      Wolfgang Spohn (Konstanz)
      Mike Titelbaum (Wisconsin/Madison)
      Ralph Wedgwood (USC)

      Anyone working on issues related to the topic of the conference is invited to volunteer as a commentator or a chair. We are able to provide commentators, but not chairs, with accommodation for the duration of the conference. (Unfortunately, we cannot cover travel expenses.) High-quality child care is also available if needed.

      If you would like to volunteer please send an e-mail with your areas of specialization and a very short description of your research to Magdalena Balcerak Jackson:mbalcerakjackson@....

      The deadline is February 15th 2014. We will notify all volunteers about the results by March 1st.

      Further information about the conference: www.reasoningconference.net/conference