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  • If only the obverse is effected, and if the Memorial design is incuse, and the high points of the design are involved, then it's an alteration -- a "squeeze job".
    mdia1@... Sep 15
  • It appears to be machine doubling, not a doubled die (note spelling).
    mdia1@... Sep 15
  • Yes, this is another filled die error. Quite common and of little or no value.
    mdia1@... Sep 14
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  • You've diagnosed the error correctly. Any competent grading service will do. These sell for about $500 on eBay these days.
    mdia1@... Aug 30
  • Welcome to the group. Your coin is not an error of any kind. The slot-like edge indicates it was altered outside the Mint.
    mdia1@... Aug 25
  • Welcome to the group. I find your message hard to interpret. I've never heard of a Brinnel test mark appearing on any cent. Why would a 1982 zinc cent be included in 2017-D cent rolls? Why describe any cent as "unseated"? No hardness test mark would be placed between numbers on a date. You'd get an inaccurate reading. No hardness test leaves a mark that consists of a dot within a...
    mdia1@... Aug 24
  • Post-strike damage.
    mdia1@... Aug 17
  • It's post-strike damage.
    mdia1@... Aug 17
  • No authentic examples of full-thickness, solid copper state quarters have been found. In this case, it's either been plated outside the Mint, is a struck counterfeit, or is a quarter struck on an improperly annealed planchet. The latter has some value. Only a close examination can determine its status.
    mdia1@... Aug 2
  • I see no errors in the bunch. Just a bunch of dirty, damaged, discolored coins.
    mdia1@... Jul 25