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Wild Mexican error

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  • dermestid
    Here s a bizarre error from Allan Levy:
    Message 1 of 1195 , Nov 1, 2001
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      Here's a bizarre error from Allan
      Levy:<br><br><a href=http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1292103365&ed=1004626753 target=new>http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1292103365&ed=1004626753</a><br><br>It features a 1974 10 pesos that was struck by 1976
      one peso dies and that was brockaged by an already
      struck 1976 one peso coin that was sitting on the anvil
      die.<br><br>So here we have four unusual
      circumstances:<br><br>1. Double denomination<br>2. Full brockage by
      another denomination<br>3. Two years separation between
      dates<br>4. Larger coin (10 pesos), struck by smaller dies (1
      peso).<br><br>One would imagine that this would have to have had
      some help, but anything's possible. This coin puts me
      in mind of the bizarre errors that came out the
      Canadian mint between 1976 and 1981 and that everyone
      acknowledges are "assisted errors".
    • Mike Diamond
      It s not often that I address a post this old (8/24/2001). However, I did get to see once again the 1962 cent that I thought had four sets of raised, parallel
      Message 1195 of 1195 , Nov 10, 2003
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        It's not often that I address a post this old (8/24/2001). However,
        I did get to see once again the 1962 cent that I thought had four
        sets of raised, parallel profiles of Lincoln. My initial impression
        based on a brief examination at a coin show was wrong. It actually
        had four sets of INCUSE images. It was a shifted cap strike. The
        coin had been struck through a die cap that had experienced three
        previous shift-and-strike events.

        So now I'm back to two sets of expansion ripples as the maximum I've
        yet come across. I still don't have an explanation that I'm
        comfortable with, though.

        --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, dermestid wrote:
        > You'll find in the "oddball errors" album an
        > image of 10c capped die strike with one set of
        > "expansion ripples" extending out from the head of
        > Roosevelt. Expansion ripples are a set of vague raised
        > outlines that parallel large central design elements such
        > as busts and buildings. I have one other example in
        > my collection -- a nickel.<br><br>I wrote a short
        > article on this phenomenon some time back in Errorscope.
        > In that article I presented I plausible theory to
        > explain this phenomenon. At least it was plausible at the
        > time. There's no need to go into the details, except to
        > say that this theory can, at best, explain the
        > existance of two sets of nested expansion
        > ripples.<br><br>However, at a coin show in Chicago about a year
        ago, I saw
        > a Lincoln cent from the early '60s that showed FOUR
        > sets of expansion ripples extending out from the front
        > of Lincoln's bust. They became progressively fainter
        > the farther out from the bust you went.
        > Unfortunately, the owner wouldn't sell it at even $125. Maybe I
        > should have offered more.<br><br>Has anyone out there
        > seen multiple expansion ripples like this?
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