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Re: Dual Date Dual Denomination Coins - ANACS Pop report

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  • Mike Diamond
    I guess you could call it a double strike with different subtypes , or double strike with mismatched subtypes or something to that effect. An awesome
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 2, 2004
      I guess you could call it a "double strike with different subtypes",
      or "double strike with mismatched subtypes" or something to that
      effect. An awesome error, if real.

      Does the second strike have some of the expected signs of an
      authentic strike, e.g. collar scar, die flow lines, die
      scratches, "slide marks" along the slope leading to the second
      strike, etc.? I would assume there are no obvious signs of fakery,
      like toolmarks, EDM bumps, etc.

      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, "mrlindy2000"
      <adkinstone@e...> wrote:

      > Years ago Bill Fivaz wrote one of those "say it ain't so"
      > for coneca. It featured a 1909 VDB with non VDB off center 2nd
      > error. I thought for sure it was genuine and fired off aletter to
      > Bill. But Bill tried to convince me otherwise. Years later Bill
      > it to me with the promise I say its counterfit according to Fivaz.
      > That worked for me and I EAGERLY bought it. I really like the piece
      > and I feel its real.
      > Since my purchase of it, I've noticed a couple times it had been an
      > error lot in Major Catalogue auctions past. It was never withdrawn
      > it always traded hands. I paid Bill about the same ammount it
      > for last time it traded publically, like a decade earlier.
      > Anyways long story short,
      > if genuine,
      > what error hole would it fill for me?
      > Its not dual different dates but different designs for sure. Its
      > sequence is correct: VDB normal strike with non VDB dies used on
      > second 50% O/C Strike ???
      > Lindy
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