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Re: what exactly are BU rolls??

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  • Mike Diamond
    ... The letters BU stand for Bright, Uncirculated . Rolls refers to paper or plastic-wrapped stacks of coins. ... at ... State quarters with rotated die
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      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, "Jimbo"
      <ogjimkenobi@y...> wrote:
      > I'm confused as to what BU rolls are.

      The letters "BU" stand for "Bright, Uncirculated". "Rolls" refers to
      paper or plastic-wrapped stacks of coins.

      > Also, I heard about some
      > of the statehood quarters that are stamped at a 180 degree angle on
      > the reverse side so that if you hold the quarter straight looking
      > washington's head and then flip the coin the back would be cross
      > ways instead of right side up. I was wondering what those are even
      > worth if you happened to come across one?

      State quarters with "rotated die errors" appeared with some frequency
      during the first few issues (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
      etc.). Rotations varied from modest to 180 degrees. It's not clear
      whether these were die preparation errors (i.e., the "flat" being
      ground in the wrong place), die installation errors, or examples of
      dies coming loose and rotating. Maybe all three factors were at work.

      Back then, severe rotations commanded prices of up to $200. They may
      be worth even more now.
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