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  • dermestid
    Our expertise does not extend to early 19th century silver coinage. You ll have better luck posting your inquiry on the Collector s Universe Coin Forum.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2013
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      Our expertise does not extend to early 19th century silver coinage.  You'll have better luck posting your inquiry on the Collector's Universe Coin Forum.
      In a message dated 9/14/2013 7:03:08 P.M. Central Daylight Time, jdr_mcb@... writes:

      I recently purchased this 1830 Bust Half Dollar from a reputable online auction company and received it in the mail today. They guarantee that all US coins they sell are 100% authentic. However besides being holed, I have concerns such as, the coin doesn't appear to have ANY visible denticles on the obverse or reverse, all 13 stars are attached to the rim and the edge lettering is suspect to say the least! Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated as I only have minimal knowledge of this coin type and a small window of time to contact the company and return the coin for a full refund! THANKS!

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