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Re: [Error Coin Information Exchange] Welcome to JT !

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    That is some great new JT. I hope to see you at the F.U.N. shows. BJ In a message dated 4/2/2012 2:40:21 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, jtstanton@aol.com writes:
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      That is some great new JT. I hope to see you at the F.U.N. shows.
      In a message dated 4/2/2012 2:40:21 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, jtstanton@... writes:

      Hi Fred (and all),
      I sold my store about 8 months ago, and now back to doing what I like......home improvement on my own home!  It never ends, but is enjoyable.  I'm hoping to make some coin shows in the near future.  I have missed everyone.
      To the main subject, Arnie touched so many of us, and in so many positive ways.  Even more omportantly, he touched so many people who may not realize it.  His contributions to the hobby will benefit us all for decades to come.
      Best wishes all!

      J. T. Stanton
      Professional Numismatist
      221 East 54 St
      Savannah, GA 31405
      E-mail: jtstanton@...
      Cell: 912-667-5799
      Fax: 912-233-1291
      In a message dated 4/2/2012 11:41:57 Eastern Daylight Time, no_reply@yahoogroups.com writes:

      JT - great to hear from you, and thanks
      for the nice words about Arnie....

      Glad to see you 'back', if only for this
      subject.....Let's see some more of you!


      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, jtstanton@... wrote:
      > Hi Fred and all,
      > I too have been writing (in my head) my own experiences with Arnie since I
      > heard of his passing yesterday. When time is more available tomorrow,
      > I'll add my thoughts to the keyboard and share with all. I will say this now;
      > Arnie and I met at the Atlanta ANA in 1987, just after I had been elected
      > President of CONECA. Those of you active at that time will remember the
      > situation, and I will say that Arnie and I got along very well.
      > Arnie will be missed by us all. But more importantly, Arnie will be
      > missed by those who have yet to read his highly educational articles. His
      > contributions to numismatics in general, and to error collectors in general, are
      > priceless. And with all he has done for our wonderful hobby, never once
      > did I ever hear him ask for anything in return.
      > Fred, thanks a lot for your thoughts. You were closer to him than anyone
      > else that I know of. Your thoughts, and memories shared, are greatly
      > appreciated.
      > God bless you Arnie. Best wishes to you all.
      > JT
      > J. T. Stanton
      > Professional Numismatist
      > 221 East 54 St
      > Savannah, GA 31405
      > E-mail: jtstanton@...
      > Cell: 912-667-5799
      > Fax: 912-233-1291
      > In a message dated 3/28/2012 11:48:32 Eastern Daylight Time,
      > no_reply@yahoogroups.com writes:
      > This is a 'stream of consciousness' tribute
      > I wrote early yesterday morning, about an
      > hour after I heard that he had passed away.
      > I thought I might share it with all of you
      > in ECIE - for those of you who knew Arnie,
      > and especially for those of you who didn't.
      > Arnold Margolis â€" An Error Hobby Pioneer
      > With the passing of Arnold Margolis, the error coin hobby has lost one of
      > the original pioneers of this segment of coin collecting. I had the honor
      > and pleasure of knowing Arnie for almost 50 years â€" and I've always credited
      > Arnie as being one of the three people who encouraged and motivated me to
      > become a coin dealer, which has been my profession for 40 years.
      > Arnie was a former Senior Video Control Engineer for NBC for over 35
      > years, and was proud of his decades of work there, and his contacts with
      > history, including being on the NBC team that presented the funeral of John F.
      > Kennedy in 1963.
      > Arnie was a member of the Board of CONE (Collectors of Numismatic Errors),
      > the first major national error club, and was also the first President of
      > it's off shoot, NECA (Numismatic Error Collectors of America). His
      > participation in numismatics also included being past President of the Queens
      > Country Coin Club, and of NECOLI (Numismatic Error Collectors of Long Island).
      > His list of authored books and publications include: How Error Coins Are
      > Made in the U.S. Mints, The Error Collector's handbook, Mint Errors on
      > Carson City Dollars, The Error Coin Encyclopedia (4 editions), The Numismatic
      > Error Primer, Co-author of The Design Cud, and long-time Publisher of NECA's
      > monthly Errorscope.
      > He won awards for his work, and was a member of the NGC (Numismatic
      > Literary Guild In addition to numerous award-winning articles about error coins
      > and the Minting Process that have been published in the Numismatist and
      > other coin Publications, he was active in producing error coin seminars for the
      > ANA annual Conventions, and was a judge for the Error Coin category for
      > the ANA and for FUN.
      > A tireless advocate for education and knowledge in the coin hobby, one of
      > his proudest achievements was the continual publication, since 1968, of
      > ETCM â€"Error Trends Coin Magazine, which was issued without interruption, till
      > early 2011, when he had to cease writing and publishing ETCM due to health
      > issues. When he first started ETCM in 1968, it was the first commercial
      > Error publication and he made sure each month's issue contained information on
      > the Minting Process, how to reach the marketplace of error collectors, and
      > education of what `odd' or `strange' coins collectors found.
      > Arnie, along with Mort Goodman (deceased) were the face of the error hobby
      > In the 1960's â€" Mort traveling across the country from Los Angeles , with
      > a large educational exhibit in the trunk of his car, stopping by coin club
      > meetings and making a presentation about the Minting Process and Mint
      > Errors. When he got to New York and finally met Arnie, the two became fast
      > friends, starting Mar-Good, a company that issued the very first coin boards to
      > hold errors.
      > I had been writing back and forth with Arnie since about 1964, and met him
      > for the first time at the inaugural "Error-A-Rama" coin show â€" the very
      > first coin show dedicated to Error Coins, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel,
      > in the summer of 1967. Arnie, along with Mort Goodman and Syd Kass, let me
      > help with the convention and show exhibits, and my enthusiasm and knowledge
      > gained from the one coin show led me to a 40-year profession as a coin
      > dealer.
      > At that show, without my knowledge, Arnie had invited my mother to attend
      > the EAR Banquet, where he presented me, as a 17-year old, a special Award
      > as EAR's "Man Friday" for all of the help and time I had given the show.
      > What was on the Plaque, in addition to the words of thanks? An actual Comb â€"
      > because, It being 1967, my hair was pretty long for a coin collector â€" and
      > one of the few young numismatists who were so involved in error coins. We
      > joked about that Plaque ever since!
      > In 1973, Arnie and I were invited by the GSA (General Services
      > Administration)to go up to the West Point Depository (not yet an official US Mint),
      > and examine the numerous Mint Error Carson City Dollars that were found as
      > the coins were being processed and packaged in the GSA Plastic cases. One of
      > the reasons they wanted us to see the errors was because of the back-lash
      > to the `high pricing' of the Carson City Dollars- and they thought that any
      > publicity about the possible error coin the purchaser would receive, would
      > be helpful. Arnie wrote articles for Coin World, ETCM, and his own booklet,
      > about our experiences at West Point, and the error coins we were able to
      > examine.
      > It was my first time in New York, and his hospitality, along with Joan,
      > his beloved wife, left a memory of that trip that has lasted to this day. It
      > was the continuation of a friendship and a relationship that has never
      > ended, to this day.
      > Arnie was also proud to be one of the sponsors who literally pushed the
      > ANA to recognize error coins in their own category of Exhibits, at the 1977
      > ANA Convention in Atlanta. That was considered a major milestone in our
      > hobby segment.
      > For the past three decades or so, Arnie and I were always in contact â€" by
      > phone sharing information, asking questions, trying to figure out
      > `stumpers' of error coins that we just quite couldn't figure out â€" as well as buying
      > and selling error coins.
      > Arnie was `Arnie' â€" with his New York `edge,' an endearing quality I was
      > always able to see as part of the great man he was, helping always with the
      > truth, his honest view of a situation, and his only regard for the
      > education and enlightenment of the collector.
      > In the past ten years, we had always set up next to each other at the
      > annual FUN shows in January, where we would share memories, stories, and
      > current events of the error coin hobby. On the bourse floor, at dinner, or just
      > on the phone, you knew you were in contact with one of the great supporters
      > of Coins and Mint Error coins!
      > Arnie's impact on my life, both professionally and personally, has been
      > great. In addition to the motivation and education he gave me, he also was
      > one of the first in the business to show me that honesty, integrity, and
      > fellowship are important components of life, in every segment.
      > Although Arnie had been ill for just over a year, it was still a shock to
      > me to hear of his passing this morning. One of the most important people to
      > be part of most of my life is gone â€" but someone like Arnie will never be
      > forgotten. His impact on the numismatic world at large, and specifically in
      > our smaller community of error coins, will be felt forever.
      > Fred Weinberg

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