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Re: [Error Coin Information Exchange] Re: NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS

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  • Steve Frank
    I went to the local ice cream parlor yesterday for a chocolate hot fudge sundae with wet walnuts and whipped cream. I hadn t seen the place so packed since the
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 2, 2011
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      I went to the local ice cream parlor yesterday for a chocolate hot fudge sundae with wet walnuts and whipped cream. I hadn't seen the place so packed since the heat of summer. I guess a lot of people didn't make it far on their diets. I myself swore off my 2 1/2 pack a day addiction to nicotine and made it until 1215AM. Figure about $6,750 per year after taxes, and another $10-15,000 per year I could have saved not drinking or eating out. After tax money, thats a lot of nice coins I cold be buying, but so long as we have sellers with listings like this......
      I'll do just fine. This person sells in a group all having the same name coinsantiques with a number appended. I didn't ask, but I assume its a consignment outfit possibly run by one person who brought these other people in, maybe selling them a kit to sell on ebay for a % of future profits. I asked him for a better photo and he said he didn't have one, and he would have tech services take a look at his scanner. I took about 2 hours to sort these out and stich them with proper orientation and even after trying my best to work with the contrast levels, I could only tell there were 2 connecticuts and a Spence token, but was uncertain of the grades. There were several contemporary counterfeits, a couple of neat brass French pieces, one offset which was not uncommon. The 2 Connecticuts are an R5+ and R5, the Spence token is over a nice counterfeit 1773 Boyish George family halfpenny, and is a discovery piece as an unknown combiniation of words with "Spence's Plan" on the obv and "You Rogue's"
      "Spence's Plan"
      on the reverse. Also a nice surprise because I didn't see it is an exceptional high quality Canadian Blacksmith copper, Wood 12. It was a beautiful way to begin the New Year, and if this guy is taking consignments, he should be shot for doing this to the sellers. Just the 2 Ct's, Spence token, and Blacksmith piece could easily fetch $1,000.
      If anyone here has any coins and doesn't want to be bothered with photographing and listing, you can write his name down.<BG>.....oh....and he will also help you sell your valuable antiques when the time comes to liquidate.
                     Steve (hoping the year continues with a couple of these per week)
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      Subject: [Error Coin Information Exchange] Re: NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS
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      Date: Sunday, January 2, 2011, 2:14 PM

      WOW! More posts to the ECIE site in 24 hours than in the last week.

      Robert, I was not referring to you or other RESPECTED collectors of VARIETIES that I do realize exist in small but dedicated numbers in our hobby. Instead, more like the 'exaggerated' same-seller listings that sometimes take up 2 continuous pages of similar listings of what are really non-error coins. (I call these error-nots like the Metiorite Men on Science Channel call their false metiorites they find 'meteor-wrongs'). The 99 cent plus $4.95 S&H kind of sellers were being referred to.

      I do not collect these varieties, but plenty of strike error collectors do not collect the type of strike errors that I do either. We all have our unique niche. Good will be to all, for we collect what INSPIRES us to do so. That's what makes us feel good about what we collect.

      But my 'pipe dreams' reference is about these 99 cent type sellers that I mentioned above. I have never and would never use that term as referring to smoking dope, nor have I ever thought of it that regard. After all, I'd been selling drugs (and NARCOTICS) for a living (now recently retired as I have reached 60) as a licensed NYS Pharmacist practicing for 36 years; it was my job to do so, and filter out questionable prescriptions or patterns of patient drug abuse and refuse to fill them, or report them to physicians or the authorities for prosecution if warrented. I would never put other peoples safety, nor my license at risk.

      I understood the modern definition of 'pipe dreams' is "a fantastic hope or plan that is generally regarded as being nearly impossible to achieve". (Wilkepedia). By the way, it is also the name of a student newspaper at the State University of New York at Binghamton, where both of my children are enrolled. They bring it home frequently. It is an upbeat and moral boosting publication that is well respected. It's also the name of many movies and songs over the past 100 years.

      Even though my resolutions were written as 'tongue in cheek', I did not mean to ruffle anyones feathers.

      And, I stand by my resolutions. Now to implement them....

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