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huge internal cud?

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  • dermestid
    While I m at it, I thought I d revisit a strange cent that s also in the capped die strikes album. You can see a little bit of a ghost of Lincoln at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2002
      While I'm at it, I thought I'd revisit a strange cent that's also in
      the "capped die strikes" album. You can see a little bit of
      a "ghost" of Lincoln at the southern and northern poles, but most of
      the ghost is replaced by a large bulge smack in the center of the
      obverse. The fact that you can see any part of Lincoln indicates
      that the cap was thin enough for the obverse design to bleed through.

      What, then, explains the bulge? In order to have a raised feature
      that's higher than the design, you'd have to have a defect in the
      die. Could this bulge represent a very large internal cud in the
      middle of the die face, that was subsequently covered over by a
      developing die cap? This happens all the time for split dies.

      The reverse shows no weakness, but the die cap could have provided
      enough resistance to the impact of the reverse die to create a normal

      Is there another explanation? Feel free to chime in with your ideas.
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