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Re: [Error Coin Information Exchange] Re: All Comments Will Be Highly Appreciated

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  • Rafael
    Marc, In addition to Mike s comment: I get along better with honesty than with perfection. Otherwise I wouldn t be learning much from my_errors. BTW, Your tree
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 2, 2007
      In addition to Mike's comment: I get along better with honesty than with perfection. Otherwise I wouldn't be learning much from my_errors.
      BTW, Your tree photo is a beatiful and artistc one, I like it very much!

      Mike Diamond <mdia1@...> wrote:
      We all make mistakes, and an apology freely and quickly given is the
      best remedy. Thank you.

      It would still be polite for Frank to acknowledge the sources of the
      photos which he himself did not take and for which he did not gain
      permission to reproduce. Of course, he may have forgotten where a
      lot of these images were obtained, which would make following such
      rules of etiquette difficult.

      Again, I don't fret when I see my photos in unexpected places. I
      value the free flow of information and there are much bigger issues
      to focus on in one's life.

      --- In errorcoininformatio nexchange@ yahoogroups. com, "Marc"
      <numismistake@ ...> wrote:
      > I do apologize to the group, as I have sent this email to Frank:
      > Frank, I have to apologize as you are correct. Please let me
      > Apparently 2-1/2 years ago I sought an image hosting site for pix.
      > googled several potential sites and tried them. This is one sight I
      > tried that was bought up by FLICKR, and FLICKR has since been
      > by Yahoo Groups. I had no idea it existed today, nor did I remember
      > any of this. I use IMAGESHACK since that day.
      > Due to ECIE being in Yahoo Groups, if I'm signed in to ECIE, then
      > signed in to FLICKR's homepage for members. Other members of the
      > clicked on your link and got a different page with a box asking
      > to join. I mistook the test pictures back then from trying all the
      > sites as being on your site, which it is not. It's on the host's
      > and I'm surprised that the pix have been transferred there from so
      > long ago.
      > I haven't had breakfast yet, but you'll have to excuse me...I have
      > some egg to wipe off my face....

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