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Re: Mint to start selling bulk error bags!

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  • alscoins
    Was it also stated below - April Fools!!! ... at
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 1, 2002
      Was it also stated below - April Fools!!!

      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@y..., fred_weinberg
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > You missed the bottom portion of the press release!
      > Orders that total over $5,000 will be enable the
      > collector to specify, for a 30-day delivery, triple
      > or quad-struck Sacagawea dollars, dated 2002.
      > Orders over $7,500 will be able to specify the above
      > multiple struck dollar on a States Quarter, previously
      > struck, of their choice.....
      > Jeez, at least read the whole Mint Press Release before
      > you get so excited about the bags of errors!!!
      > --- In errorcoininformationexchange@y..., "dermestid" <mdia1@a...>
      > wrote:
      > > The United States mint has decided to give error collectors what
      > > they've always wanted, and will begin to sell bulk error bags to
      > the
      > > public. Each bag will contain 500 error coins. Bags will sell
      > 10
      > > times face value. Sales begin in a few weeks. Mint spokesperson
      > > April Laffer had this to say: "Why waste time and money shipping
      > > these defective coins to our suppliers to be melted down when the
      > > public can take them off our hands at a profit."
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