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Re: [Error Coin Information Exchange] What Would You Pay for My Error Coin? I have No Idea of Value - Then Ebay

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  • Donovan Coinman
    I couldn t help noticing that the coin never saw any action until the last min., and even then the lone bidder had a rating of only 2. (The seller exclaimed
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 1, 2006
      I couldn't help noticing that the coin never saw
      any action until the last min., and even then
      the lone bidder had a rating of only 2. (The
      seller exclaimed he would not accept bids from
      anyone with a rating of less then 10. An automatic
      A-Hole in my opinion)

      Karma is a bitch; wouldn't you say?


      --- fred_weinberg <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > Thought I would end the week with one of my pet
      > peeves...........
      > A few weeks ago I rec'd a phone call from a guy in
      > Colorado
      > who found a 1865 Full Brockage Three Cent Nickel,
      > certified
      > by ICG in Colorado.
      > He wanted to sell it, had no idea of value, and
      > wanted my
      > offer. I gave him an offer without seeing the coin
      > at all;
      > he said he would think about it, and probably sell
      > it at
      > the ANA in Denver this summer.
      > A week or so later, he called again, said he wanted
      > to sell
      > it now, and could he Fed-Ex it on my account number,
      > so I
      > could get it asap, and make him a firm offer. We
      > did that,
      > got the coin in the next day from Fed Ex, and I
      > called him
      > and made him an offer.
      > His reply was "if it's only worth a few grand, I
      > think I'll
      > keep it. If it was worth $10,000, I guess I'd sell
      > it.
      > Please ship it back to me." I believe he said he
      > might show
      > up at the ANA if he changes his mind. We sent the
      > coin back
      > to him.
      > This morning, I see he's listed it (or a friend has
      > listed)
      > the coin on Ebay (Item # 8422084392), with an
      > opening price
      > of $1,995,(reseverse not met) and a Buy It now of
      > $4,9995.
      > Now, it's his coin, and he's free to do with it as
      > he pleases -
      > I have no problem with that. I just want others to
      > know that
      > when they play the same game with dealers (error
      > coin dealers,
      > or regular coin dealers), the dealers have a right
      > to be
      > irritated (at a minimum) that they willingly, and in
      > a friendly
      > manner, provided price info, backround info on the
      > coin, and
      > a firm price, which was refused (no problem there)
      > because
      > "they want to keep it". THEN it shows up on Ebay
      > with an
      > opening bid at around the dealers offer!
      > I've always said it's "my job" to give free info on
      > an error
      > coin, and I do it every single day, either on the
      > phone or
      > via email, not counting dozens of times at a coin
      > show.
      > When I do say to someone "put a price on it" (after
      > they ask
      > a half-dozen other dealers for the same info) and
      > THEY get
      > irritated, what am I suppossed to do? Do ALL of
      > their homework
      > for 'em, so that they can sell the coin to someone
      > at a small
      > incriment over my offer, or to take my offer as a
      > starting
      > point on an auction?
      > The owner of the item can do what he wants with it,
      > but I
      > guess I'm just pleading for a little compassion from
      > those
      > people who constantly offer me coins, possibly
      > knowing a rough
      > value of what they want for it, but hoping I'm going
      > to make
      > a mistake and offer them a crazy high price for it,
      > OR, take
      > my offer, and offer it to another dealer for a bit
      > more........
      > Thanks for letting me vent.
      > Fred

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