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9465Re: [Error Coin Information Exchange] Re: Unusual upset on a nickel planchet

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  • Kevin L. Stewart
    Sep 7, 2005
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      Looking at the pic it looked to me like the blank had be struck by
      blank "dies". Could a working die that was never impressed from a hub
      make it into the press? I guess it would have to be a blank pair of
      dies though. Maybe the to-be-hubbed dies got mixed in and you're not
      looking at a planchet at all but a blank "coin"?


      --- Mike Diamond <mdia1@...> wrote:

      > One thing I'd like to understand about planchets such as the one you
      > pulled out is exactly how such a wide, high proto-rim is produced.
      > It
      > would seem that more than simple squeezing and rolling is involved.
      > It
      > looks almost as if the two faces are clamped between two flat
      > cylinders
      > as a slightly wider perimeter is squeezed and rolled. Otherwise,
      > does
      > one explain the abrupt junction between inner border of the proto-rim
      > and the flat surface?
      > Does anyone out there have a clue?

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