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6838Re: 1987-P nickel on clad quarter stock

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  • Mike Diamond
    Dec 5, 2004
      I've only heard of 5 examples, including yours. One was undated and
      off-center with a straight clip (probably from the leading edge of
      the strip). There are the two 1987 nickels. There's the 1971-D
      nickel we spoke of earlier, which looks to be something much
      wierder. And there is another one from the early 1970's. Fred
      Weinberg would know more about that one.

      The thing with most wrong stock errors is that they're the same
      composition as the normal stock, just thinner or thicker. The mint
      personnel must have been really out to lunch when they slipped stock
      of the wrong composition through the blanking press.

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      > Thanks.
      > Is this coin really that rare?
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