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424matte vs. glossy

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  • dermestid
    Sep 1 5:38 AM
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      I've posted in the "die caps" album a picture
      from one of catch-a-coin's auctions. It is a
      not-quite-centered reverse cap. The first strike was normal while
      the second was out-of-collar beneath a blank planchet
      that wasn't quite perfectly centered over the coin
      below.<br><br>Among most recent reverse caps (and all older reverse
      caps), the obverse has a matte texture. However, in
      about 10-15% of recent reverse caps you see a glossy,
      reflective surface. That's what we see in this coin. The
      primary image also tends to be less clear in these
      "glossy caps".<br><br>I have no idea why these glossy
      surfaces should develop. I've also noticed the existance
      of matte and glossy subtypes in partial brockages
      and indents.<br><br>It's a mystery that has me
      completely stumped. Anyone out there have a solution?
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