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28071Improper Alloy Mix Error

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  • colonial_john_c4
    Apr 3, 2014
      Here is that improper alloy mix error I discussed about two weeks ago that I purchased.


      I call it the high Zn (brass) band due to its yellow streak across the flan <BG>.

      What is also interesting Mike is in the central part of this high zinc band or brass streak on this copper flan piece is also a lamination streak running from the rim to the eye of the eagle.
      Remember when you sent me those laminated streak Jefferson Nickels and none showed any deviation from the normal nickel alloy given by the U.S. Mint. Additionally no elevated levels of bismuth were detected as this also yields brittleness to the alloy. All the alloys were uncontaminated on the surface XRF readings or with any outside elements or any indication of improper alloy mixing after multiple surface readings within and around the lamination areas.
      We never did get to the wartime nickels - but it seems to me that most laminations are PHYSICAL and not CHEMICAL (improper alloy mixes). In the wartime series I would suspect Mn to be the suspect element causing some havoc with the alloy causing laminations as prevalent as we all know this type of error is with these wartime 5C pieces. I suspect here to its the more rare CHEMICAL (i.e., improper alloy mixture) scenario and not physical due to the high Zn indirectly creating this lamination streak.
      In other words I suspect almost all laminations to be brought about by physical reasons and not contamination of the alloy through improper alloy mixing or improper ingredients in the alloy.
      Environmental factors may be an issue of course like outside debris getting into the blank preparation process. So if we see lamination streaks and we see no blatant improper alloy mix signatures we can blame some physical process in the blank making process other than an improper alloy mix ... so it seems ... for now anyway ... <VVBG>.
      More testing is obviously required ... 

      John Lorenzo
      United States
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