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28050Re: 2008 D dime

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  • fred_weinberg
    Mar 25, 2014
      Your coin isn't a worn coin, but is struck
      from minor filled dies, and probably from
      overused/worn dies.

      Coin production is a manufacturing process.
      There are bound to be very minor anomalies
      when tens of thousands of metal objects are
      struck in rapid order, and machine grease or
      other material finds itself into the dies.

      If the filled die area is significant, the coin can
      have some premium value, but this particular
      dime would be, in my opinion, 'as struck', and
      not be considered an error coin.

      You're looking closely, which is good, but the
      anomalies you're finding with a glass are just
      normal wear and tear of making metal discs
      at the rate of 500 or 600 pcs.in a minute.

      Just because a coin looks a bit different doesn't
      mean it's an error coin - but that's the way to
      learn - looking and learning about what you see.

      As a suggestion, I'd say if you're using a glass
      that's more than 10X or 12X, you'll almost always
      finding something that looks 'different'.

      Hope this helps a little bit.


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