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27699Auction Pulled from ebay !

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  • bigdcoins
    Jan 6, 2014
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      Kind of funny how I got this auction yanked today by "Community Watch Group " of coin experts., Guess ya'll know who you are. I had a standing lib quarter that was abnormally squeezed between other coins.. Not saying the coin was a legit error but people do collect these., Right or wrong, people collect altered coins, counterfeit coins, defaced coins for whatever reasons,,,educational purpose or personal collections.,  If ya'll are going to judge,,,then why not judge the 1600+ elongated cents on ebay., Some of the best and more expensive errors out there we 99% know some mint employee had there hand in making the error., Elongted cents worth,,,nearly 2 cents. Walking lib quarter worth,,,,educational value plus atleast $5 in silver. How 'bout judgeing those hobo nickles.....Totally altered,,where's the watch group??? Could go on and on.,  Don't wish to ruffle any ebay feathers as I will be listing some neat legit errors there shortly but wanted to make a statement for one.,  Two I wanted to see if anyone here saw this on ebay and was interested in it for what it is., Is an altered coin but like I said someone will want it for educational purposes or their collection., Can post pix in tradebait if anyone interested. bigd
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