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27098Dime stock quarters from Philadelphia now number four

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  • Mike Diamond
    Jun 18, 2013
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      Up until recently it had seemed that dime stock quarters (and wrong stock errors in general) were almost exclusively derived from the Denver Mint. I was aware of only a 1979(P) quarter on dime stock and the famous 1987-P nickel on quarter stock.

      In the last few weeks, three more quarters weighing 4.4 grams have made their appearance with the following dates: 1973, 1982-P, and 1989-P. The relevant eBay auctions are listed below in the same chronological order:




      I purchased the latter two. The 1973 quarter was withdrawn because it was mislabeled.

      While 4.4 grams is a bit higher than the expected weight of 4.2 grams for a Cu-Ni clad dime stock quarter, it does fall within the range of variation for 1970-D dime stock quarters.

      An unexplained aspect of wrong stock errors with relatively large sample sizes is the unusual variability in weight, variability that is greater than standard clad issues.