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24473copper wash vs missing partial clad

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  • Rob Risi
    Aug 1, 2011
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      Hello everyone....just got a few coins in with sellers calling missing partial clad layers or Laminations....My question are is a coin has a partial missing cladding from 20-40% or so like the 100% ones, they would in turn be slightly less in weight, correct?  For example i just got in a 2010 dime with a rev copper showing, and seller states copper wash or missing clad....the amount of copper showing is about 35-40% but the coin weighs correct at 2.24g...So is this a copper wash? i think copper wash coins retain their exact weights.
      however this dime i got in appears to have parts of the clad layer off as i can see a not so even surface from the clad and the exposed copper??
      any thought on identifying partial missing clad layers and partial copper washed coins?

      ~ROB RISI~
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