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24393 Danish puzzle error coins. Help needed!

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  • Frank Vedel <frankv@jubiipost.dk>
    Jan 5, 2003
      Hi everybody,

      I have posted 3 Danish error coins in my new photo album
      called 'Frank's puzzle error coins'.

      Question 1. I have looked much at the multiple struck Danish silver
      1 krone from 1915-16. I can't make up my mind about how many strikes
      it has got. Any comments?

      Question 2. The twin errors are partial brockage ND 2 øres. I am not
      quite sure how this happened. The rim is complete, but the partial
      brockage is correctly positioned. How could this happen without it
      became a full mirror brockage? If a fragment caused this then I
      would have thought that the rim would have been flattened.

      Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards,

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