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21694Washington Quarter; Off-Center Strike On Split Planchet?

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  • bgsherris
    Aug 2, 2009
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      For better or for worse, I just purchased a very strange looking Washington Quarter...it appears to be an off-center strike on a very thin (perhaps split) planchet. The only problem is that if you examine the unstruck area, the planchet does not show obvious signs of a split planchet; both unstruck sides appear to be appropriately "finished". The obverse side appears reasonably normal, but the reverse side of the stuck area is a strong incluse mirror image. The coin appears to show areas of some sort of corrosion or pitting.

      I have posted numerous photos of the coin in the photo gallery (in it's own folder entitled "Washington Quarter Fragment?".

      My hypothesis is that a split planchet wound up being fed into a press on top of already struck quarter, receiving a normal strike on the obverse and a mirror brockage strike from the already strck quarter on the "reverse."

      Or is this some sort of fraud? The seller appears to be reputable.

      Thoughts from anyone, please?
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