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  • Marc
    Jul 4, 2009
      I see that Mike and Jeff, and some others both don't out (discuss) live auctions.

      for the nay sayers, let me reiterate that I'm not trying to keep anyone from learning about a particular error. Many, in fact most coins are discussed just after the auction has ended. And, I had a question with my post yesterday about another coin that looked fake. I did not ask here. I emailed Mike privately, and he gave me his opinion. I will show that coin AFTER the auction is over. I certainly don't want to 'cast a pall' on this sight and I don't believe anyone has. Let everyone look and see the coin for themselves..AFTER THE AUCTION HAS ENDED. This way, I do not wind up stepping on anyone's feet. Also, this is not exclusively an eBay forum..it's an error coin forum.

      In spite of what some have written here as this being an open forum, I certainly agree. But I shall remain faithful to those last minute bidders, of which I am one. I shall remain COURTEOUS and not billboard any coin until the auction is over, and only then everyone can discuss it with nobody's feelings being hurt.

      That's really what it's all about. The upside and downside. As the upside, you can email someone privately about a coin while the auction is live if you/they think it's counterfiet, or have a question, you'll get a private answer. NOBOBY WILL GET HURT/AFFECTED. On the downside, you can show everyone 'look what I found' and what you may think it is, AND SOMEONE MAY GET HURT/AFFECTED. Think about it. It's a courtesy that I believe we should follow. No information is being lost or undiscussed, until the auction is over. It can then be fully discussed.

      Think about it. I've always been courteous. I will continue to do so.

      By the way, Mike, thanks for that info on the live auction I emailed you about, yet to be discussed when ended. Marc
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