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  • Mike Diamond
    Jul 3, 2009
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      A good "test case" for pro/con debate on outing auctions would be the recent sale of the saddle strike (die-struck on all faces) that was created in a press with an inverted die set-up (reverse die as hammer die). These are evidently rare, since I've only seen three saddle strikes struck by inverted dies. Since I already had one, acquiring this specimen was not a high priority. I would have liked to have seen it go to an ECIE member, but I observed the zipped-lip rule.

      So, let's take the pulse of the members. Should I (or anyone else) have brought this auction up for discussion prior to its close? Are some of you gnashing your teeth at a lost opportunity?

      For those less familiar with this phenomenon, inverted dies is not an error, just an alternative set-up. It's mostly seen in Schuler presses, which operate with a single die pair.
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