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  • Mike Diamond
    Jul 3, 2009
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      I can certainly appreciate both sides of this debate. I don't draw attention to live auctions in case somebody who frequents this club is waiting to pounce on a potential bargain. But there's a drawback in the case of those coins whose special attributes will escape EVERYONE's attention unless I point it out. That happens with some frequency. It pains me to see those coins go for a low price to folks who probably won't ever know they got a bargain or recognize exactly what they've got. Still, I maintain my silence. Years ago, I used to expose those auctions and got roundly criticized for doing so.

      I don't object to club members drawing attention to bogus coins, inaccurately described coins, inflated claims, and ludicrous prices.

      I don't intend to post an official policy since there is no universal consensus on what is the best approach.

      Some folks contact me privately, and that's fine. It keeps things on the hush-hush while providing the necessary information to the questioner.
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