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21290Re: 2009 D Harrison Third Eye

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  • coinz24
    May 2, 2009
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      Mike you said there were two dimes like this. Where they graded and where can I find pictures of. I have not sent in as of yet. I am worried that this would be something that PCGS might not understand or grade. I want to know as much as I can before moving forward. Also not very sure if I will have graded. I had an interesting offer on coin which makes me wonder what price on raw or graded should be for this coin.

      Thanks for all the great work you all provide on this web site.

      Thanks again

      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Diamond" <mdia1@...> wrote:
      > I assume the extra details are in the form of a "shadow" image, with no relief. It may simply be a simulacrum -- a chance resemblance. However, assuming it is a real error, the only possibility I can think of is a case of "surface film transfer". This occurs if the die or a previous planchet has a little bit of oil or grime on it. If the preceding planchet is double-struck, with the second strike off-center, grimy details from the first strike are transferred to the die and these, in turn, are transferred to the next planchet (your coin). Such errors are exceedingly rare. I've only seen two (both dimes).
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      > > Hello I really need your help all What I am trying to figure out is how this error occurred. I received coin from Denver bank roll. I want to send in the PCGS but as much as an error cost to grade, I just want to answer how this could of happened while minting coin. I listed one of the close up picture and I am going to list another picture that shows more of the coin. You can see error with your eye but needs magnifying glass to make out.
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