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21197Re: [Error Coin Information Exchange] what is this?

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  • Norm Higgs
    Apr 1, 2009
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      Looks like a late stage 'capped die' strike. That happens when a struck
      coin sticks to the hammer die and strikes more planchets. The first few
      strikes will show a reverse impression of the coins reverse side, but as
      the cap is worn flat after many strikes, that image fades and you begin
      to see a vague image of the obverse side. The semi-circular indentation
      looks like part of the cap started to break away.

      A nice find.

      Norm Higgs

      Tom wrote:
      > I uploaded 2 photos in the default album of a cent and am curious as to what it is.
      > The reverse is normal, but the obverse is dished and barely shows Lincoln and an imprint of the building.
      > What is the circular indent?
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