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1992Re: ram error

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  • Mike Diamond
    Oct 3, 2002
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      The proper term is "ram strike".

      It is a variation of an off-center strike in which a misfed coin
      is "rammed" all the way into a collar that is frozen in the "up"
      position. It is therefore a coin that is both off-center and in-
      collar. To be a fully fledged ram strike, the coin has to show full
      contact with the working face of the collar at two points along the

      Ram strikes are characterized by a rounded shoulder on the face
      struck by the anvil (bottom) die, and a raised flange on the opposite
      face. There are a total of nine diagnostics for this error. Details
      can be found in several articles I wrote some time back in
      Errorscope. If you're interested, I can give you the exact

      --Mike Diamond

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      > Hi,
      > what is a ram error???
      > Thanks!!!!!!!!
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