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  • paul02721
    Dec 2, 2007
      I get 2 or 3 of them a week. Mine are usually a "question about
      shipping" or "how much to ship to XXX?" The ones I receive are easy
      to spot. Every one has a 10 digit Ebay item number instead of Ebay's
      12 digit number. Also when I put my curser over the "link" (without
      clicking on it) and look at bottom of the page (where you can see
      where the link is directing you) it always comes up as
      www.ebay.com.8985212827482.yrugadakjd.com/blah/blah/blah which is
      totally bogus.

      Sometimes when I am bored I click on it and put in bogus info
      (usually words not suitable for children under 17) though
      my "address" is always the same... 1313 Mockingbird Lane, South Park,
      CO. :)


      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, "Marc"
      <numismistake@...> wrote:
      > Just a friendly holiday reminder to all our members that phishing
      > in full swing. I have received 4 fake offers VIA EMAIL in 3 days
      > me to bid on auctions or have a 2nd chance offer. The headings in
      > emails are exactly like eBay emails, and everything about them
      > real.
      > I was underbidder in an auction 11/29 that sold for $120 (an OBW
      > roll.) On 11/30 I got an email that I was offered a 2nd chance for
      > another roll the seller had for my $117 bid. I checked MY EBAY and
      > offer wasn't there. An email to spoof@... and to spam@...
      > sent with the headers proved that it did not come from eBay.
      > In short..as holiday season arrives, don't let your guard down.
      > rip-off bums are out there targeting us. Never answer through an
      > If it isn't in MY EBAY that you sign on to securely with your
      > password, it's not real. Don't get caught phishing...
      > Happy and healthy to all.....
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