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18183Re: [Error Coin Information Exchange] Re: Massive die gouge or a fake?

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  • Rafael
    Sep 1, 2007
      You're right when it comes to an exchange of negative comments and it's gotten me nowhere. What has worked for me is a query to eBay on the merits of the seller's guarantee not on the genuineness of the error. Error forensics is not one of eBay's strongest fields. Seller's guarantees sure is.
      Try explaining to eBay your views on the falseness of the error but base your claim on the seller's money return guarantee.
      Maybe you know all this but it happens to have worked for me. Maybe they will take out the rogue seller from eBay and, if they do so, you will not get a negative feedback. On the other hand, if they do not straighten the situation, you can let the case slide by and not get a negative either.
      Just an idea, my friend. Hope you solve this to your advantage.

      Mike Diamond <mdia1@...> wrote:
      Yeah, especially since the seller refused to provide a refund. An
      exchange of negative feedbacks is unavoidable. Still, it was worth the
      small gamble. I've made bigger blunders.

      --- In errorcoininformatio nexchange@ yahoogroups. com, "Jeff"
      <jylitalo@.. .> wrote:
      > Bummer
      > --- In errorcoininformatio nexchange@ yahoogroups. com, "Mike Diamond"
      > <mdia1@> wrote:
      > >
      > > The photo was deceptive. It was just a big ol' scratch. I'll try
      > > get a refund.

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