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17745Re: [Error Coin Information Exchange] Re: Unusually strong upset produces distinctive weak strike

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  • Al C.
    Jul 5, 2007
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      Interesting. :)

      --- Mike Diamond <mdia1@...> wrote:

      > I received Travis' Pennsylvania quarter today, and
      > I'm even more
      > impressed at its peculiar appearance. The boundary
      > between the die-
      > struck periphery and featureless center is even more
      > abrupt than it
      > appears in the photos. I would say there's a subtle
      > but detectable
      > drop-off at this circular boundary line. The amount
      > of upset that must
      > have been originally present on this coin would have
      > been a remarkable
      > departure from the norm.
      > Now I have to decide whether to crack it out for
      > additional study.
      > Travis says full speed ahead. I'll mull it over for
      > a day.

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      that gives answers, not web links.
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